PAK SHEIKH Makan sampai naik sheikhh...

APS jenama projek ‘Fardhu Kifayah’ patuh Syariah yang diwujudkan oleh 100% usahawan Muslim Malaysia

About Us


Keistimewaan APS menghasilkan produk Ayam Goreng yang lazat dimakan begitu sahaja tanpa sebarang bahan tambahan sampingan seperti sos cili atau cheese. Ianya rangup, pedas dan lazat dimakan begitu sahaja.

Our Products

We are a food and beverage leader in producing alternative trending dishes and foods for local food fan.

APS Fried Chicken Kiosk & Outlet Chain

State Branches for Management, Sales and Stocks for each states. Partnership opportunity is now open.

APS Restaurant Outlets Chain

F&B Outlet in medium & large scale model. Partnership opportunity is now open.

The only brand where you’ll get potential business opportunities in food industry.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Reliable stock supply and delivery in the market.

From farm to poultry processing and from bird to food parts.

Various segment from Raw, Ready to Cook, Ready to Eat and retort food.

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